•     Serve as a voice for all student-athletes at Trevecca
  •     Promote effective communication between student-athlete population and the administration at Trevecca, as well as students of TNU.
  •     Disseminate information
  •     Provide feedback and insight into athletic department issues
  •     Encourage and organize the involvement of the Trevecca student-athletes in campus and community projects and events
  •     Encourage and educate the student body in the areas of sportsmanship, leadership, and any other traits deemed valuable
  •     Build a sense of community within the athletics program involving all athletic teams
  •     Promote a positive student-athlete image on campus
  •     To promote and assist with fund raising opportunities for all Trevecca athletic teams
  •     To promote and support fan involvement for all sports.PURPOSE



The membership of the SAAC is composed of 1-2 representatives (and an alternate) from each sport. Each member serves as a liaison between the committee and his or her sport. Membership in this committee is a responsibility. Dedication and participation are necessary to maintain membership.  Members shall be elected annually by the coaches and staff of their representative teams.